Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder: Comparison from a Business Perspective Webinar Recording

Discover the Core Differences for Demand Planning, Supply Planning and S&OP Capabilities

Accelytics’ Director of Supply Chain, Chris Louttit compares leading software solutions, Anaplan and Blue Yonder (JDA), from a business subject matter point of view, including Demand Planning, Supply Planning and S&OP capabilities.

In this on-demand webinar, Chris reviews the supply chain planning capabilities of these platforms and discusses his own personal experiences with each platform.


3:30: High Level Overview of Anaplan and Blue Yonder Model Differences for Business Users

7:43: Demand Planning Statistical Forecast Differences -

· 11:49: Value in Adding Market Intelligence to Forecast

· 13:08: How Stat Models are Deployed in Anaplan

· 18:29: Stat Forecast Enrichments

· 19:17: Real Life Example of Enrichments process with Blue Yonder vs Anaplan

22:20: Supply Planning Differences  

28:27: S&OP

33:58: How Anaplan can Work Together with Blue Yonder

Presented By Chris Louttit, Director of Supply Chain:

Chris is a supply chain and technology specialist with over 25 years of diverse experience with business process design, project management, and strategic systems integration. For over 20 years, Chris has been directly working with Blue Yonder (JDA) software.

His areas of expertise include CPG, manufacturing, and retail. You can Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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