Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder (JDA): From an IT Perspective - Webinar Recording

Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder (JDA): From an IT Perspective

If you’re in the process of evaluating supply chain planning software, this webinar will outline the key IT-based comparisons when implementing Anaplan over legacy software, Blue Yonder (JDA). Our consultant, Chris Louttit, has spent over 20 years working with Blue Yonder, with a more recent switch to Anaplan.

He details many personal experiences with each solution in this on-demand webinar! Find the key highlights below.

Key Highlights:

1:55: Comparison of Developing Solutions –

· 2:10: Discusses the Blue Yonder and Anaplan Methodologies

· 3:16: Comparison between the number of consultants needed for Blue Yonder vs. Anaplan

· 5:00: Number of technical specialists needed for each of the applications involved with Blue Yonder vs. the Anaplan platform


6:32: Comparison of Technology Architecture –

· 6:41: Comparing Blue Yonder’s standard 3-tier setup with server and database power needed vs. Anaplan’s cloud platform without the backend IT worry

· 8:00: Blue Yonder’s IO processing vs. Anaplan’s efficient in memory processing

· 9:03: Additional performance testing and analysis needed on the Blue Yonder 3-tier system


9:45:  Connected Planning –

· 10:06: Anaplan’s ability to run solutions form multiple departments in one platform

· 11:09: Blue Yonder’s out of the box deployments vs. Anaplan’s customizable process

· 13:16: Chris’s personal involvement in being able to develop a Blue Yonder Demand Planning Solution and being the end-user

· 16:39: Efficiencies and costs related to the number of specialists needed at Blue Yonder vs. Anaplan’s platform

· 19:39: Business subject matter experts play a much larger role with Anaplan for high adoption and less problems


20:29: Bottom Line –

· 20:49: Ability to give value with an extremely rapid deployment with Anaplan

· 23:00: Ongoing costs needed with a tiered system vs. cloud based

· 23:57: JDA client story on forecasting and challenges created by the software

28:22: Questions

About the Host: Chris Louttit, Director of Supply Chain at Accelytics Consulting

Chris is a supply chain and technology specialist with over 25 years of diverse experience with business process design, project management, and strategic systems integration. For over 20 years, Chris has been directly working with Blue Yonder (JDA) software.

His areas of expertise include CPG, manufacturing, and retail, working with companies including GOYA, Janssen, MARS, American Greetings and PEPSICO LATAM to improve their business processes and help integrate various technologies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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