Anaplan Demo - How to do Data Driven Retail Store Staffing and Distribution

Anaplan Demo - How to do Data Driven Retail Store Staffing and Distribution

Curious to learn more about data driven staffing with Anaplan? Accelytcs' finance experts walk through a live demo of Anaplan for Store Planning and Distribution and how this can positively affect your organization.

This demo is based on a client need to optimize store staffing based on historical sales, sales goals, forecast, and promotions. The client was also seeking the ability to get insights and data around compensation goals based on schedules and integrate with other sources systems.

This demo will walk through several dashboards to demonstrate a top to bottom, holistic system to workforce plan and staff retail stores.

This short Anaplan demo covers the following dashboards:

  • Overview of the Demand Planning Model and Snapshots for Scenario Planning
  • Process Overview for Retail Scheduling Optimization with Various Scenarios
  • Store Demand Based on Visits and Different Drivers
  • Store Revenue by Store and Scenarios with Assumptions, such as promotions, holidays, steady, COVID, etc.
  • Employee Roster Dashboard, Requirements and Scheduling

By connecting the data throughout the enterprise, an organization can staff with trusted data, retain the workforce and aid finance and other departments with effective planning.

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